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NCQA is ditching the sample. We can’t hire more staff. How can we get year-round HEDIS

We want to move our numbers on time-bound measures, but the claims lag is too long.

Our providers are stressed. How can we make sure we’re only reaching
out when necessary?

We know we’ve got to get our digital measurement strategy together. What are the best practices?

Catch a Falling Star

From Astrata's Data Science DeskMany health plans could lose Star ratings soon due to a new cutoff-point calculation method. Find out if your plan is at risk, and how you can adapt.Starting with data from measurement year 2022, a proposed change to the way CMS...

Transforming your Quality operations with clinical data

Astrata's Quality consulting services can help guide your organization through the strategy development process.It all begins with data. If you’re a Health Plan on the journey to quality measurement and intervention across your entire population, the first hill you’ll...

Empower Your Providers, Raise Your Rates

What if you could automatically read every member’s chart and pinpoint gaps that are truly open, where providers need to intervene? Astrata's NLP technology can!Empowering your providers to raise their clinical quality rates is an important step in the journey to...

Faster and Better Intervention for OMW and Similar Measures

Every HEDIS measure is different. And in a subset of HEDIS measures, we know that time is of the essence. For example, the Osteoporosis Measure in Women (OMW) has been a particularly difficult measure for most health plans to improve on. Astrata's Monitor product can...

Year Round Prospective HEDIS® With Astrata

Instead of spending most of their time reviewing thousands of negative cases, your abstractors can spend almost all of their time closing gaps.Is your organization contemplating the move to prospective, year-round HEDIS on hybrid measures during the off-season? If so,...