We want to intervene for hybrid measures like CDC, COL, CBP, but we don't have enough information at the member level to make impact.

Our HEDIS sample produces “surprises” which creates risk for our quality bonus payments. We need more continuous monitoring in these key measures.

Our HEDIS hybrid sample season is getting frantic -- we either barely finish, or don’t finish. We need a way to reduce the stress of sample season.

HEDIS sample season is generating too much abrasion with our providers. We want to request documentation only when needed, and not bunch up our requests for the end of the year.

Our Quality Intervention team needs better information on time-bound measures. By the time the gap appears, we’ve almost lost our window for intervention.

We are close to losing half a Star for our Medicare Advantage population. We need to push harder on Star measures to keep us above next year’s cut point.

We are close to gaining half a Star for our Medicare Advantage population. If we push a little harder we can reach next year’s cut point.

We have a Medicaid line of business and increasing our Medicaid hybrid measure rates can help us with our state bonus programs.

We are engaged in numerous value-based arrangements with providers and are always looking for better ways to provide them with up-to-date and accurate quality information.